Giornalismo investigativo con i ragazzi di English Camp 2016

Ragazzi cantano a English Camp PadovaLe ragazze e i ragazzi del campo estivo questa settimana si improvvisano giornalisti e investigatori, lavorano sotto copertura all’English Camp Padova, raccolgono informazioni e scoop per gli ascoltatori di Englishland Radio… Il resto lo potete leggere in questo report o ascoltare nel podcast… Solo se conoscete l’inglese!
Buona lettura e buon ascolto!

diretta english camp padova 30 giugno 2016

Hard hitting journalism at Englishland

Week three at Englishland has been a wild and wonderful trip to Mardi Gras in New Orleans! While the weather has been hot, we’re beginning to get used to the temperatures and we’ve found new ways to be cool – like singing along to ‘cool’ music!

While other workshops focused on making Mardi Gras masks or practicing festival dances, we’ve been working hard on our radio station. This week, we had a team of very serious investigative journalists. Many of our team dove deep undercover, researching new and fascinating topics to present to our listeners. Did you know about the secret world of fangirls? Or where the martial art of judo came from? Hard hitting journalists Giulia, Cristina and Pietro risked life and limb to bring us back the news.

We also had some deep, thoughtful pieces from our editorial writer, Giulia (2). She told us all about the powerful characteristics of music, and how it can change a person’s mood and perspective. This paired perfectly with the sounds offered by Carlota, our resident DJ Carlota chose some truly ‘dancable’ hits, such as ‘This is What You Came For’ by Calvin Harris and Rihanna. (Carlota would like to clarify that Calvin Harris is in fact Scottish and to apologise to the Scottish delegation here at Englishland).

There were, of course, the standards. We realise that many would not tune in if not for our horoscopes, so Giulia (2) kindly stepped up to the plate with her sixth sense. Our team also took the airtime to teach me some with hilarious consequences! I must say, it felt quite odd being on the other side of the table.

Until next week, we’ll leave you with a fabulous half hour of music, chat and fun! Maybe you’ll even learn something from our intrepid radiojournalists…









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