Due settimane fantastiche a Refresh Your English 2016!

La diretta di Englishland Web Radio coincide con le ultime giornate del nostro Refresh Your English, il corso estivo di inglese per bambini e ragazzi che si preparano ad affrontare il nuovo anno scolastico... senza rinunciare a godersi gli ultimi giorni di vacanza! Qui sotto, naturalmente in inglese, un breve sunto del podcast... Quindi se volete conoscere attività e  contenuti di queste due fantastiche settimane vi invitiamo ad ascoltare i nostri ragazzi in azione!
Buona lettura e buon ascolto da Englishland!

radio-englishland-settembre-8We have had a great two weeks at Englishland with Refresh Your English 2016! We learned so many new things, played loads of games and got back into thinking in English before going back to school.

Our theme for the past two weeks has been Board Games. We have played lots of new English and American games including Trivial Pursuit, Sorry, Battleships, Snakes and Ladders and Pictionary. We have even made our own games of Monopoly, Cludo and Guess Who! They are really cool and we will play with them during the school year too! With Monopoly we learned town places and took photos of places in Padova; with Cludo we went to the park and learned of a terrible crime that had happened there; and with Guess Who we talked about describing people!

For this week's radio show we talked about loads of things! Rachele gave us a recap of Englishland Summer Camps 2016 where she spent all summer! Giulia, Nicola and Maya told us how their summers were spent in different places. I went home to Scotland for a few weeks this summer - definitely nothing like sunny Italy!

In our music section, Dario told us all about his favourite band Led Zeppelin and we sang One Direction's 'What Makes You Beautiful'. Everyone has worked really hard this week to learn our song and we sang it beautifully!

Because our topic for our radio show is board games, Dan's class talked about their favourite games. The most popular was Pass the Bomb but Michele chose Monopoly as his favourite. Elena and Andrea even wrote their own story called the Legend of Sorry, all about two boys who got stuck inside the game!

We talked not only about board games but also different sports! Camilla plays volleyball and Sofia roller-skates. They shared lots of information about playing these sports.

Giulia and Nicola have been friends for a long time now, but they shared information about themselves when they did interviews! They are both from Italy, but our staff are native speakers from the UK. Camilla, Martina and Sofia talked about the differences between the two countries in terms of food, sport, language and weather.

One very important difference between Britain and Italy is the language. We have a new teacher this week. His name is Dan and he is from the south of England. He was a teacher in Spain and he speaks Spanish but he is yet to learn Italian. Rachele and Maya took advantage of this as they quizzed his Italian knowledge. He got the basics of 'water' and 'hello' but struggled with sentences like 'I am studying English'. He needs to be studying Italian to improve! But he scored 14 points overall which was an excellent score for a newbie.

Lastly we had Andrea who came onto the radio to talk about going back to school. We love summer time but are starting to get very excited about going back to school. He wants to go back to see his friends and teachers. He told us some advice for going back to school. Listen to our show to find out what it is!

Thanks for listening!




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