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ragazzi english camp padova in posa buffaHanno i volti stanchi questa mattina alcuni nostri English Teachers, la terza notte al campo estivo ha lasciato il segno! Il discorso non vale per i nostri ragazzi che, anche se alla quarta settimana, sono più dinamici che mai! Marco, Matilde, Anna, Andrea e Elena hanno preparato una diretta dal campo ricca di argomenti interessanti. Ma lasciamo a voi il giudizio... Buona lettura e buon ascolto con Englishland Radio!

diretta camp padova 7 luglio 2016


We're well into our fourth week here at Englishland, and the heat and fun is only continuing. Last n we had our third camp night. It was lots of fun, though there are some tired faces on camp this morning! (Namely the teachers.) We've also been learning a little bit about Native American culture as part of our fourth stop on our road trip - Texas!

This week we've gone storytelling crazy here at the radio station.  Inspired by last week's chat about fangirls, Marco and Matilde decided to review their favourite aspects of the Harry Potter series, while Anna reviewed some 'new adult' literature in the series 'After'. Andrea also took the monumentous task of reviewing (and summarising) 'Inception' and I have to say, I think I'm a lot closer to understanding this tale of dreams! Perhaps the most exciting part of our storytelling segment was Elena's much anticipated unveiling of 'Ten Princesses' - who are mermaids, who knew! All the teachers here at camp can't wait for end of day - just so we can run home and listen to this sure to be classic story!

We've also been inspired by the Fourth of July here at Englishland. Pietro - ever precocious - has drawn comparison between the United States Independence Day and the United Kingdom's own independence day: Brexit. If you're interested in some politics from the perspective of a very clever Italian 12 year old, this is your radio show! Pietro also took the time to explain what an average day here in Englishland is like, and we know you'll all be enticed by our fantastic food!

Finally, we got the chance to hear about some of our other teachers from Giulia. Who knew that Will loved salsa so much, or that Carmel was such an Italian cinema afficionada? We're full of surprises!

All of the above was soundtracked by our fantastic DJ, Sofia, who introduced us to some great tunes by the likes of 5 Seconds of Summer, Daya and Sia. Not to be missed!







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